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The Importance of an Updated System

For the successful growth of your business, security of data is of the utmost importance.  You’ve probably already taken many steps and have daily procedures in place to help ensure the mitigation of the risk of data theft.

One of the best procedures you can practice is to ensure that your business is safe by continually keeping your credit card processing system up to date.  An outdated POS system can cause more problems than just slow connections or issues with reliability.  An outdated system can expose your customer’s credit card information and even your own banking information to “prying eyes”.

The first step towards ensuring that your system is properly secure and up to date is to check with your merchant services provider and ask about your current POS systems and PCI compliance.

The breach can cost a business more than monetary damage. It can cause a business to lose its loyal customer base, a potential listing in MATCH, and the ability to accept credit cards forever.