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PCI Compliance – How We Help You

When signing up for a new merchant account, did you know exactly what you were being offered? Think about it, you probably signed up for an account because you wanted to expand your business and accept credit cards in some way. Most processors offer the basics of a merchant account, allowing you to accept credit cards with quick settlement and funding. With a big focus on ensuring the security of credit card data, businesses are looking for help from the merchant account provider to meet the requirements of the PCI DSS. To ease the burden and confusion of maintaining PCI compliance, myPCI has partnered with Sysnet Global Solutions. Sysnet Global Solutions is a leading provider of compliance and security services and has worked with myPCI to create a comprehensive Compliance Program, including access to a web-based resource providing merchants with the tools and support necessary to analyze, remediate, and validate PCI compliance.

These specific tools include vulnerability scanning, security policy builders, self-assessment questionnaires and security awareness training for employees. As part of our commitment to help alleviate much of the risk of data breach, we have implemented a new breach protection program, exclusive for our clients. For those who successfully complete the PCI compliance requirements that apply to them, myPCI will cover up to $25,000 in fines, fees and expenses related to a qualified PCI data breach, if one does occur. While this should not be viewed as a comprehensive data breach insurance policy, it can go a long way toward easing your mind about risks associated with data insecurity from both and operational and financial perspective.