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Is your Merchant Account Just PCI Compliant or is it Secure?

One of the most common questions that merchants ask is, “does PCI compliance mean that I am completely secure?” The answer is unfortunately, no.  No matter the type of the business or the number of transactions processed, no business can be completely secure. However, each business can take steps to mitigate the majority of the risk associated with data breaches by becoming compliant, and following daily procedures to stay compliant.

Data security regulations will continue to evolve over time as organizations tasked with maintaining industry standards continue to include new technology and methods to further tighten regulations.  Working with the team at myPCI will help your business stay up-to-date on these changes and ensure that you remain as secure as possible.

The team at myPCI is fully dedicated to ensuring that all merchants and their equipment are PCI compliant and as secure as they can be.  By following the 12 requirements of PCI compliant, you will reduce the risk for your business, and also the risk of your customers.